Youthguides Tübingen

Youth Guides Tübingen

In contrast to dedicated memorial sites, the traces of National Socialism and the fates of Jewish citizens are not easy to see at first glance in everyday life. Tübingen, though, was a Nazi stronghold whose university, courts of law, administration, and citizens were majorly involved in the preparation and carrying out of National Socialism's crimes. As Jugendguides (Youth Guides), we want to make these traces visible during city tours.

Youth Guides are adolescents and young adults who accompany groups at memorial sites or give city tours themselves on different aspects of National Socialism. They do not want to simply mediate knowledge but, through their own motivation, especially encourage other youths to examine themselves the history and crimes of National Socialism in the region. We as Youth Guides Tübingen have been a work group of the Geschichtswerkstatt e.V. Since 2012. Along reappraising the past, we also deal with rightist tendencies in Tübingen and the region.

City Tours Tübingen
The main focus in Tübingen is on city tours with the topics “Fates of Tübingen Jews” and “Elite University during the Nazi Era.” The tours are guided by pairs and take approximately one and a half hours. More detailed tours of about two and a half hours are organized together with renowned local experts. Among the various stops is for example the Synagogue Square Memorial. Topics there are everyday Jewish life in Tübingen, the Reichspogromnacht (“Crystal Night”), and dealing with the past after 1945. Another stop is Castle Hohentübingen, which housed the Rassenbiologisches Institut (Institute for Racial Biological Studies). There, we will talk about the roles played by academia, students, and university teachers during National Socialism.

City tours with the Youth Guides can be booked via the Volkshochschule Tübingen; costs per group are 35 Euros for one and a half hours and 60 Euros for two and a half hours. The tours are also offered in English.

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